• Full Name:Paul Craig is a mixed martial artist known for competing in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born on November 27, 1987.
  • Height:Standing at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm), Craig possesses a significant height advantage over many of his opponents in the Light Heavyweight division, which he often uses to his advantage.
  • Weight Class:He competes in the Light Heavyweight weight class, which has a maximum weight limit of 205 pounds (93 kg). Fighters in this division are known for their power and striking abilities.
  • Professional MMA Record:As of my last update in September 2021, Paul Craig had approximately 15 wins and 4 losses in his professional MMA career. He has had a successful run in the UFC, gaining recognition for his skills.
  • Notable Achievements:One of his notable achievements is competing in the UFC, which is widely regarded as the premier mixed martial arts organization in the world. His presence in the Light Heavyweight division showcases his talent and determination.
  • Fighting Style:Paul Craig is primarily known as a submission specialist. He has a strong background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which means he excels at grappling and submissions on the ground. His ability to secure submissions has been a key factor in many of his victories.

It’s presumably protected to say the last thing Paul Craig expected when he entered the Octagon against Jamahal Hill at UFC 263 in June was to become companions with him only a couple of moments later.

It’s not unfathomable, yet at the same time lovely uncommon for a bunch of adversaries who had a very long time of to and fro to fabricate the strain between them to become companions after any battle, not to mention a battle that finished thanks to some extent to a horrifying physical issue.

Be that as it may, all things considered, the light heavyweight matchup conveyed not just a Performance of the Night reward for Craig, however one of the best manly relationship stories we’ve seen in a long while.

It’s excellent, truly, Craig disclosed to half a month following his exhibition at UFC 263. “I had the opportunity to address Jamahal after the battle, as two competitors who have done the conflict and done the fight, then, at that point I perceived how genuine this person is. And afterward we began to discover shared conviction since we’re the two dads, we both buckle down, we both have a similar objective as a top priority, and we both love combative techniques in its most perfect structure.”

Ten days before their initially planned session in March, Hill tried positive for COVID-19 and needed to eliminate himself from the battle. Following this turn of events, the two took to online media to communicate their complaints with one another throughout the following three months.

When battle week moved around in Phoenix, Hill and Craig encountered each other at the competitor lodging in an intense association.

“Jamahal was genuinely powered for this battle,” Craig clarified. “In any case, I trust I’m having the opportunity to be a more experienced competitor, so I’ve managed that sort of stuff previously; I’ve managed individuals getting in my face, I’ve managed the entirety of the stuff that shows up with battle week.”

“BearJew” clarified that after the early battle week trade, he felt much more certain that he’d dominate the competition. What he didn’t expect, nonetheless, was almost all that went down inside the two minutes of Octagon time.


Paul Craig of Scotland elbows Jamahal Hill while in a triangle stifle in their light heavyweight battle during the UFC 263 occasion at Gila River Arena on June 12, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona.

“We were truly astonished when we’re both remaining inside the Octagon, and he chooses to change around his position,” the twelfth positioned light heavyweight said. “We accepted that Jamahal was a southpaw warrior, and afterward he changed to customary. It probably won’t seem like anything monstrous to somebody who doesn’t prepare and looks as a fan, yet that has an enormous effect to your entire approach. It wasn’t until after the genuine occasion that we understood that he’s not a southpaw, he’s simply a customary contender who figured out how to battle southpaw to get a benefit in foot position. That unquestionably perplexed us.”

True to form, the battle was brought to the ground, where Craig utilized a triangle gag endeavor to get an armbar, which thus disengaged Hill’s arm. Both appeared to know quickly what had occurred, however rather than tapping, Hill pushed his arm once again into the right spot and endeavored to keep battling while messed up in Craig’s gatekeeper.

What Craig Had To Say  After His Win At UFC 263

For better or for more regrettable, the two are everlastingly associated by the strings of destiny, and albeit the animosity has been left previously, don’t expect there to be a chance for Hill to dole out the retribution.

“On the off chance that I had the decision, I’d prefer not to battle him once more,” Craig clarified. “I don’t prefer to run back battles that are obvious win and lose. Indeed, even with rivals who have beat me however I figure I could beat in the UFC, I don’t believe there’s a highlight running it back in light of the fact that it’s my excursion. My excursion is settled forever, and I don’t prefer to return to stuff except if I need to.”

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