Another Cricket tour cancelled: England vs Pakistan

England’s cricketers will not travel for matches in Pakistan next month because of security concerns.

The choice, taken by the England and Wales Cricket Board on Monday, came three days after New Zealand Cricket abondened its men’s group’s restricted overs visit through Pakistan following an administration ready that cautioned of a potential assault outside Rawalpindi Stadium.

“The Board has reluctantly decided to withdraw both teams from the October trip,” the ECB said in a statement.

“The mental and physical well-being of our players and support staff remains our highest priority and this is even more critical given the times we are currently living in. We know there are increasing concerns about travelling to the region and believe that going ahead will add further pressure to a playing group who have already coped with a long period of operating in restricted Covid environments.”

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja strictly criticized England Team for this great Disappointment after New zealand unbelievable act of cancelling their ODI matched which was playedd in Rawalpindi Stadium 3 Days ago.

Britain’s men have not played a International match in Pakistan since 2005 while the ladies were to visit for the very first time. They were because of play three ODIs, just as two T20s.

Pakistan was an off limits area for international cricket teams for 10 years after furnished warriors assaulted the Sri Lanka group transport in Lahore in 2009.

The ambush killed seven individuals and harmed a few Sri Lankan cricketers.

International groups continued visiting Pakistan in 2019.

After almost 10 years spent attempting to charm back cricket’s international first class, Pakistan is confronting the possibility of being proclaimed the game’s off limits region once more, and the annoyance is substantial.

“We understand that this decision will be a significant disappointment to the PCB, who have worked tirelessly to host the return of international cricket in their country” the ECB explanation added.

“Their support of English and Welsh cricket over the last two summers has been a huge demonstration of friendship. We are sincerely sorry for the impact this will have on cricket in Pakistan and emphasise an ongoing commitment to our main touring plans there for 2022.”

Britain’s move is an enormous difficulty for the cricket-insane country which performed every miracle necessary to extend itself as a protected objective and won visit responsibilities from a few driving groups.

“It’s been pretty awful,” the PCB CEO Wasim Khan told a virtual news gathering late on Sunday.

“Their support of English and Welsh cricket over the last two summers has been a huge demonstration of friendship. We are sincerely sorry for the impact this will have on cricket in Pakistan and emphasise an ongoing commitment to our main touring plans there for 2022.”

The cancellation of the England cricket team’s tour to Pakistan was a decision made by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and was driven by security concerns. The ECB cited concerns about the security situation in Pakistan as the primary reason for canceling the tour. While the specific details of these concerns are not always disclosed publicly, they typically revolve around the safety and well-being of players and support staff.

The decision to cancel a tour due to security concerns is a sensitive and complex matter. It’s important to note that the safety of players, officials, and everyone involved in the tour is of paramount importance. Cricket boards have a duty of care toward their personnel, and they must assess the security situation in the host country rigorously.

However, the cancellation of a tour can be seen as controversial and even immoral from certain perspectives. Here’s why:

  1. Impact on Cricket Development:Pakistan is a cricket-loving nation with a rich cricketing history. The cancellation of a tour can have severe consequences for the development of the sport in the country, as it deprives local fans of the opportunity to watch their favorite international players in action.
  2. Economic Impact:Hosting international cricket series is not just a matter of prestige but also an economic boost for the host country. Canceling a tour can result in financial losses for the host cricket board and the local economy.
  3. Perception and Isolation:The cancellation of tours can lead to the perception that the host country is unsafe for international cricket, potentially isolating them from the international cricket community. This can hinder the growth of the sport and international cooperation.
  4. Inequality:Some argue that cricket boards from wealthier countries might be quicker to cancel tours, while boards from less privileged nations may be compelled to host tours despite security concerns due to financial constraints. This can create an imbalance in the cricketing world.

In conclusion, the cancellation of a cricket tour, while often driven by genuine security concerns, is a decision with wide-ranging implications. It affects not only the safety of the touring team but also the development of cricket, the economy, and the perception of the host country. Balancing these considerations is a complex task, and it’s essential for cricketing authorities to approach such decisions with utmost sensitivity and diplomacy.

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