ENG vs IND: Ex-Pakistan captain Salman Butt has criticised Rishabh Pant’s technique.

Rishabh Pant “Doesn’t have technique to play in these conditions”. Former Pakistan Cricket team captain Salman Butt has his say.

Certainly! Rishabh Pant, the dynamic Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, has been a rising star in the world of cricket. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can provide you with some insights into his match statistics and his role during the India vs. England series up to that point.

Career Overview (up to September 2021): Rishabh Pant made his international debut for India in February 2017 in a T20I against England. Since then, he has made a significant impact in both limited-overs and Test cricket. Here’s a brief overview of his career up to that point:

  • Test Matches:Pant is known for his explosive batting in Test cricket. Up to September 2021, he had played 22 Test matches, scoring over 1,400 runs, including three centuries and six fifties. His aggressive style of play often changes the course of a Test match.
  • One-Day Internationals (ODIs):Pant had featured in 18 ODIs, accumulating more than 400 runs with a strike rate well above 100. He had also contributed as a wicketkeeper-batsman, showcasing his versatility.
  • T20 Internationals:In T20Is, Pant’s swashbuckling style had made him a crowd favorite. He had played 30 T20Is, amassing over 300 runs, displaying his ability to accelerate the scoring.

Role During India vs. England Series (up to September 2021): Rishabh Pant’s role during the India vs. England series depended on the format of the game:

  • Test Matches:Pant had become an integral part of India’s Test team. He was known for his fearless approach to batting and his ability to counter-attack when the team was under pressure. His performances behind the stumps were also improving steadily, making him a valuable asset as a wicketkeeper.
  • ODIs:In ODIs, Pant was often used as a middle-order batsman and a backup wicketkeeper. His aggressive batting style was useful in the later overs to accelerate the run rate.
  • T20 Internationals:In the shortest format, Pant was utilized as a power-hitting batsman in the middle order. His ability to clear the boundaries and rotate the strike made him a crucial component of India’s T20 team.

Rishabh Pant, like any other cricketer, had some weaknesses in his game.

  1. Shot Selection:Pant was known for his aggressive and sometimes audacious shot selection. While this aggressive style often paid off, it also led to occasional dismissals due to reckless shots. Working on shot selection under pressure was an area for improvement.
  2. Wicketkeeping Technique:While Pant showed significant improvement in his wicketkeeping skills, there were still areas where he needed refinement, especially in his glove work and consistency behind the stumps.
  3. Fitness:Fitness standards in modern cricket are very high, and Pant, at times, faced criticism for his fitness levels. Maintaining peak physical condition is essential, especially for a wicketkeeper who needs to stay agile and alert for long periods.
  4. Consistency:Like many young cricketers, Pant’s consistency in all formats of the game was a concern. He had matches where he played exceptional innings, followed by periods of low scores. Building a more consistent performance record was a goal for him.
  5. Handling Pressure:Pant had moments where he struggled to handle high-pressure situations, both with the bat and while keeping wickets. Improving composure in crunch situations was an area for development.

Please keep in mind that players like Rishabh Pant continuously work on their weaknesses, and these observations are based on his performance up to September 2021. His game may have evolved, and some of these weaknesses may have been addressed since then.

Rishabh Pant hasn’t partook in an especially decent run of structure with the bat during India’s continuous five-match Test series in England. The 23-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman scored an aggregate of three runs more than two innings in the Headingley Test as India capitulated to an embarrassing innings rout that saw England level the series 1-1 with two matches still to go. Gasp has dealt with an aggregate of 87 runs more than five innings at a normal of 17.4 in this series, with his most noteworthy score being 37.

Gasp’s inability to post a major thump has incited inquiries concerning his batting, and previous Pakistan commander Salman Butt also has expressed his feeling on why the Indian adolescent has been battling in England.

Talking on his YouTube divert after India’s misfortune in the third Test on Saturday, Butt said Pant’s strategy is letting him down in conditions that help crease and development.

“Rishabh Pant doesn’t have the procedure to play in these conditions. The manner in which he continues to go down the track in each and every other ball, he can perhaps have one great thump or two by doing that, yet he will not turn into a fruitful Test batsman playing like that,” he said.

As per Butt, Pant’s absence of “persistence” isn’t assisting his with causing in English conditions.

“He needs to foster some tolerance just as better guarded method. He has various types of shots however his protective instrument before the ball isn’t sufficient for Test cricket, particularly in these conditions.

“In India, he might discover a great deal of accomplishment, even in Australia, in light of the fact that the ball doesn’t swing a ton. In any case, especially in conditions where the ball swings a ton or in seaming conditions like in England or different nations, Rishabh Pant will deal with issues with the strategy that he as of now has,” Butt clarified.

The England-India series will next head to The Oval, where the fourth Test will start from Thursday.

Please keep in mind that players like Rishabh Pant continuously work on their weaknesses, and these observations are based on his performance up to September 2021. His game may have evolved, and some of these weaknesses may have been addressed since then.

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